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Lourdes Hospital

Binghamton, NY

Lourdes Hospital.jpg

Engineered Solutions or its principals have worked with Lourdes Hospital on multiple projects including:

  • Complete renovation of existing OR Suite.

  • Power Distribution for 50,000 square foot ED & OR expansion including new substation and emergency generators

  • Upgrade of existing linear accelerator

  • 10,000 square foot Breast Care Center with mammography, ultrasound, procedure rooms, exam rooms and support space

  • 10,000 square foot Urology Center with exam rooms and support space

  • 8,000 square foot Endoscope Suite renovation

  • Replacement of hospital's main electric substation increasing voltage from 4.8 to 12.47 kV.

  • Replacement of double ended 1500 kVA substation transformers

  • Renovations to (3) existing operating rooms

  • 8,000 square patient floor renovation 

  • 12,000 square foot dental outpatient building

  • 2,500 square foot retail pharmacy

  • 6,500 square foot Wound Care Suite

  • 3,500 square foot Physical Therapy Suite

  • 64 Slice CT upgrade

  • Coordination and Arch Flash Study for Main Hospital 

  • Data Center upgrade

  • Medical Gas upgrades

  • Outpatient Primary Care renovation

  • Family Medicine Medical Office renovation

  • 5,000 square foot Physical Therapy renovation

  • OBGYN expansion and renovation

  • Electrical Service Upgrade

  • MRI Replacement 

  • OR 17 & 18 Upgrades

  • Mammography equipment replacement

United Health Services

Binghamton, NY


Engineered Solutions or its principals have worked with Lourdes Hospital on multiple projects including:​

  • Complete renovation of OR Suite at Chenango Memorial Hospital

  • 7,000 square foot addition for new state-of-the-art Cyberknife vault and associated control equipment and support space.

  • (16) bed dialysis suite at Binghamton General Hospital

  • Replacement of electric service at Wilson Square Medical Office Building

  • Nuclear Medicine Suite at Binghamton General

  • Renovations to (2) angiography rooms at Wilson Memorial Hospital  

  • 8,000 square foot addition to Wilson Square medical office building

  • 45,000 square foot Ambulatory Surgery Center with (4) operating rooms, recovery and supporting space 

  • 120,000 square foot Ambulatory Care and Imaging facility in Vestal, New York

  • 86,000 square foot Ambulatory Care and Imaging facility in Vestal, New York

  • Radiation Oncology renovations including new linear accelerator in Wilson Medical Office

  • Pharmacy Suite at Wilson medical Office

  • Article 28: Upgrades to all outpatient facilities

  • Equipment replacement and upgrades to CT Scan Suite at Wilson Medical Center

  • Emergency Room Renovation at Wilson Medical Center

  • Walk-In Physical Therapy Center in Vestal, New York

  • Medical Office in Oswego, New York

  • Angiography Suite at Wilson Memorial Hospital

  • Coordination and Arc Flash Study for Binghamton General and Wilson Memorial Hospital

  • Data Center expansion for Wilson Memorial hospital

  • Cardiac Surgery Office Suite at Wilson Medical Office Building 

  • (6) bed Express Admissions unit at Wilson Memorial Hospital

  • Orthopedic Suite and Xray replacement at Binghamton General Hospital

  • Cardiac Catheter Lab renovation at Wilson Memorial Hospital

  • Wound Care Center at Binghamton General Hospital

  • X-ray replacement in (5) Ambulatory Care Facilities

  • X-ray Suite at Summit Building

  • CT2 and 3 Replacement at Wilson Hospital

  • X-ray 2 upgrade at Wilson Hospital

Albany Medical Center

Albany, NY


  • Bariatric Facade Design

  • A Basement Radiology Relocations

  • Delmar Bariatrics

  • M714 Cardiac Cath Lab Renovations

  • M710 Cardiac Cath Lab Renovations

  • A1 Office Renovation

  • A2 Executive Health Exam Room Clinic

  • A3 Office Renovation

  • A1 Neurology Relocation / A2 Conference Room

  • Albany Medical College Crematorium Relocation

  • Linear Accelerator Renovations

  • M701 Cath Lab Renovations

  • ED CT Suite Renovations

  • Ravena Family Practice Center

  • Family Center Practice Reconstruction

  • SSC Maintenance Garage Addition

  • Clara Barton Renovation

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Syracuse, NY

  • Ambulatory Procedures 

  • 15,000 square foot renovations of emergency department including redesigned nurses' stations and pediatric care

  • Linear Accelerator Upgrade

  • Tomo-Therapy Suite

  • Radiation Oncology Upgrades

  • Automatic Transfer Switch replacement for East Wing of hospital

Temple University Hospital

Philadelphia, PA

  • Neuro IR

  • MRI Suite Equipment Replacement

Catskill Regional Medical Center

Harris, NY

  • Boiler Replacement

  • Boiler Plant Upgrades

Bristol Hospital

Bristol, CT

  • Emergency Department Renovation and Addition

  • Eagle Building Renovations

  • Generator Study

  • Emergency Department Renovation - Behavioral Health Unit

  • USP 800 Pharmacy Compliance

  • Geriatric Psychiatric Unit - Enablization Relocations 

Capital District Physicians' Health Plan (CDPDP)

Albany, NY

  • Data center upgrades including two new UPS units, maintenance bypass-tie switchgear and redundant generator connections

Lalor Creekside Dental

Binghamton, NY

  • Plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems design for a new dental office building including a dedicated pediatric dental center

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