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Overview:  This project is a 160,000-sf addition with 4 patient floors, an emergency department renovation and expansion, a PACU relocation, and an MRI installation at the Wilson Hospital in Johnson City, NY.  The project is being designed and constructed in 3 phases.   Phase 1 of the project is in construction. Phase 1 replaces three aging 500 KW generators with three 1.25 MW generators.  Phase 2 will include renovations to the existing emergency department and building entrances to accommodate phasing.  Phase 3 will be a six story addition that will have 4 inpatient floors, new main entrance to the hospital on the second floor, and a new  ambulance entrance to the emergency department and expanded emergency department on the first floor.

September 2020: The new generator enclosure construction and duct bank to the hospital is underway. Generators are scheduled for installation later this fall

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