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Skidmore College

Saratoga Springs, NY


Pine Tree Cottage Renovation

  • Complete HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection design for conversion of 19th century cottage into office space. 

  • Restoration of existing garage into office area.

Palamountain Hall / Anthropology Department Renovations

  • Renovation of existing office space into new President's Office suite.  Design highlights included DDC Temperature controls and solid state LED lighting.  

President's Office Suite Reconstruction

  • Renovation of existing office space into new President's Office Suite.  Design highlights included DDC temperature controls and solid state LED lighting.  

Waring House Renovation

  • Renovation of existing 19th century mansion into mixed use office.  Complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems design.  

Foreign Language Department Renovation

  • Renovation of existing classroom/office spaces in Palamountain Hall.  Upgrades to existing MEP infrastructure to improve comfort and efficiency.  

Exercise Physiology Lab Renovation

  • Renovation of existing racquetball courts into new state of the art laboratory space.  Design included LED lighting and specialized ventilation systems.  

Lucy Scrubner Library 

  • Design of the Mechanical and Electrical system for The Lucy Scribner Library.  This project involved expansion and total renovation with new 20,000 sq. ft. additions at each end of the existing structure, and renovation of some 67,000 square feet of library space.  Library new additions (4-story), extensive building reconstruction work included construction of new campus chiller plant building.  Winner of a 1996 GBC Build New York Award.  

College of Saint Rose

Albany, NY

college of saint rose.jpg

Carbon Monoxide Detection - Campus Wide

  • Upgrade of existing campus buildings to new CO detection standards.

Centennial Hall

  • Renovation of existing Cafe area.  

Wellness Center

  • Complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of renovation of existing residential property to College Wellness Center.  

Picotte Digital Photo Lab

  • Renovation of existing photography studio into digital photo lab.

  • Upgrade of building wide smoke damper systems.  

Security Office Renovation

  • Addition and renovation to existing security building.  

2 South Main Renovation

  • Conversion of existing two-family house into student housing

  • Upgrade of all mechanical, electrical and life safety systems.  

President's House 

  • Provided new high-efficiency air conditioning system to Presidents's residence.  

Union College

Schenectady, NY

Union College.jpg

Renovation of Olin Science Center

  • Complete HVAC renovation of Science Center including ventilation upgrades.

  • Conversion to LED lighting systems

Visual Arts Renovation

  • Upgrade of all mechanical and electrical systems to current standards.

  • Coordination with campus facilities department to optimize new cogeneration system.

  • State of the art ventilation and lighting systems.  

Rathskeller Renovations

  • MEP desgn of renovated dining area following flood damage.  

Karp Hall Renovations

  • Complete MEP design of renovated classroom building.  

  • Design highlights include heat recovery ventilation and dehumidification system, and energy efficient lighting.

Student Housing Fire Protection Upgrades - Campus Wide

  • Design of complete fire protection systems for (15) campus buildings.  

  • Coordination with college and city of Schenectady to upgrade student housing to current life safety standards.

Wicker Wellness Center

  • Design of electrical and plumbing systems for new state of the air healthcare facility.  

  • Coordination with mechanical design-build contractor.

Webster Hall Boiler Replacement

  • Replacement of original heating system with new high-efficiency boiler design.  

Siena College

Loudonville, NY

Siena college.jpg

Renovation of Hines Hall ITS Department / Security Suite 

  • MEP design for technology rich IT department renovation beneath existing chapel.

  • Design of new standby generator system.

  • New chilled water system design for entire facility.

Renovation of Siena Hall

  • Renovation of classroom and office space.  MEP design includes 4-pipe fan coil system, DDC controls and energy efficient lighting.  

New Rosetti Hall - LEED Certification

  • New three-story academy building for the Education, Social Work & Sociology departments, including geothermal HVAC design, photovoltaic solar panels and full solid state LED lighting.  

  • The building features classrooms complete with the latest in teaching technology, offices, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and collaborative learning spaces throughout.  It will also have computer labs, a video editing suite and the Center for Urban Education.    

Pool Filter Room Renovation

  • Mechanical design of new pool filtration system including; high efficiency filter, pool pump, variable frequency drivem automatic chemical feed system, pool heat exchanger, main drain diverter valve, water level control pool piping, stainless steel gutter grater and filter room ventilation system, power and lighting.  New pool filter system is estimated to save 104,650 gallons of heated anc chamically treated pool water a year.  The new pumping system will also provide power savings allowing the owner to ramp down the pool pump motor speed during long periods of non use.  

J. Spencer & Patricia Standish Library

  • New three floor library building with plumbing, sprinkler fire protection, HVAC, electrical systems and technology infrastructure.  The building is equipped with flextube boilers and chilled water system with external cooling tower.  

Serra Dining Hall Boiler/Domestic HW

  • Feasibility study; Reviewed multiple options for boiler replacement in Serra Dining Hall.   

Foy Hall Reconstruction

  • Designed new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems for the renovation of the art teaching space in the lower level of Foy Hall.  

Community College of Rhode Island

Warwick, RI

CC of Rhode Island.jpg

Phase I - Energy Upgrades

  • Engineered Solutions performed design services for HVAC renovation work at the Knight Campus, Providence Campus and the Newport Campus

    • The design included reconstruction of the geothermal system at the Warwick Mega Structure.  ​

    • The project also included complete HVAC upgrade of the Field House including all HVAC and ventilation systems.

    • Lincoln campus energy upgrades including a high efficiency condensing boiler system, domestic hot water conversion and control upgrades.

    • Newport and Providence Campus Energy and Control upgrades

Phase II - Energy Upgrades

  • Lincoln Campus

    • High efficiency domestic water heating systems for Field House and Main Building. ​

Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Crossing, MA


Energy and Water Upgrades 

  • Implementation of campus wide geothermal heat pump system, conversion of existing water source heat pump to geothermal use.  

  • Lab area ventilation upgrade to current standards.

  • Conversion of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in campus buildings to current efficiency standards.  

  • Upgrade of domestic hot water heating systems throughout campus. 

Rhode Island College

Providence, RI

rhode island college.jpg

Energy Performance Contract

  • Design and modernization of existing central steam heating plant.

  • Design of steam/flue gas heat recovery and economizer system for central plant.

  • Kitchen ventilation upgrade

  • Rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning units replacement

  • Campus wide digital controls upgrade

Hudson Valley Community College

Troy, NY


New Science Center

  • Engineered Solutions was the communications engineer for the $47.4 Million, 100,000 square foot new Science Center, completed 2013.

  • This new building consisted of (25) laboratories, (11) student classrooms, (45) faculty and staff offices, conference and computer lab spaces, a science study center and a greenhouse.  

  • The communications design included:

    • Wireless Ethernet Network​

    • IP Security System including Door Access

    • Electronic Presentation System

    • A New Data Network

Marvin Library 

  • Basement Emergency Lighting System Upgrades (2016)

Higbee Hall

  • Complete MEP renovations to the Data Center in Higbee Hall (2014)

Fitzgibbons Hall

  • First Floor Renovation Project (2015)

  • Reconstruction and Alterations of Second & Third Floors (2014)

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY


Structured Cable Design for (6) buildings on the University's main campus.  The project included Lab Buildings, Lecture Halls, the Student Union and Computer Center.  The Computer Center work included upgrades to the campus data center.  

Suffolk County Community College

Long Island, NY

suffolk county cc.jpg

Energy Upgrades

  • Engineering for $2 Million of electrical power distribution and energy upgrades.  Design support for installation of new high efficiency boilers and cooling towers.  

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