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Shenendehowa Central School District

Clifton Park, NY


Horseheads Central School District

Horseheads, NY

Horseheads CSD.jpg

Engineered Solutions has completed numerous projects with Shenendehowa CSD since 1992.  We have a strong knowledge of the buildings and a good working relationship with the facilities staff.

  • Technology Rooms & Science Reconstruction (2020), MEP $2.5 Million.

  • Cafeteria Kitchen Reconstruction (2019), MEP $1.6 Million

  • Library Reconstruction (2018), $3.5 Million

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction Work at multiple District Buildings (2015), Construction $4.8 Million

  • Boiler Reconstruction Gowana/Acadia/Koda Middle School (2013), $550K

  • District-Wide Wireless Network (2014), Construction $1.5 Million

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction Work at Multiple Buildings (2013), $118K

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction Work at Multiple District Buildings(2012), Construction $1.0 Million

  • ShenNet - District-wide voice video and data network that included a networked telephone system with centralized voicemail and call accounting, campus backbone, desktop connectivity, and networked video system.  (1998-2000)

  • HVAC Reconstruction and High School West

  • Campus-wide water system reconstruction (2012)

  • Shatekon Elementary School - Complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communications systems design for new elementary school connected to Arongen. 

  • Photovoltaic System Design (2010), Construction $300K.  Design of new 50 kW grid connected photovoltaic system. 

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction various buildings (2009), Construction $1.5 Million

  • Gowana Pool Addition (2009), Construction $9.2 Million

  • Gowana MS Classroom Addition (2008), Construction $3.1 Million

  • High School East Security System (2008) 

  • MS Boiler Reconstruction (2007), Construction $600K

  • HS East 150,000 sq. ft. Addition (2005), Construction $17.7 Million.  Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Communications systems design for gym, auditorium, science & classrooms wings. 

  • Middle School Renovations - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Communications design for interior renovations (2004).

Engineered Solutions has completed numerous projects with Horseheads since 1996 when the firm authored a technology Master Plan for the District.  Since that time many of the projects that were included in the original plan have been completed.  They currently use a QOS enabled gigabit Ethernet network with voice, video and data.  Projects include:

  • 2010 - Technology Plan Updates 

  • 2009 - High School Multimedia Room Upgrades

  • 2007 - District Wide Generator installation and High School Auditorium renovation and addition. 

  • 2004 Middle School Multimedia & Video Conferencing Room ($240K)

  • 2003-04 - District-Wide Security System ($420K)

  • 2001-02 - District-Wide Telephone System with IP trunking ($480K)

  • 1999-00 - High School Multimedia & Video Conferencing Rooms ($330K)

  • 1996-98 - District-Wide Cabling & Networking ($2.3M)

Heuvelton Central School District

Heuvelton, NY

Heuvelton CSD.jpg

$1.3 Million technology upgrade that included interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, wireless network throughout the building, IP based security system, VOIP telephone system and data network upgrades.  Project completed 2011.

Vestal Central School District

Vestal, NY

Vestal CSD.jpg

Completed the design for $3.5 Million of Electrical and Communications work at the High School including:

  • Structured cable plant

  • Classroom Technology

  • Ethernet Network

  • VOIP Telephone System

Rochester City School District

Rochester, NY

Rochester City SD.jpg

Engineered Solutions Principal Eric Sheffer was the Project Manager and lead engineer on a a district wide project for the Rochester City School District that included structured cabling in (58) buildings, district-wide voice and data network using an ATM wide area network over leased T-1 and fractional T-3 circuits, and Gigabit Ethernet networks in each building.  The Project included filing the district's E-Rate paperwork for which the district received aid on the infrastructure and on the leased connections. 

Freddy Thomas Learning Center

Rochester, NY

Freddy Thomas.jpg

Design of a new 130,000 square foot Middle School including:

  • Cable Plant Design & Construction Management - Fiber Optic and UTP Structured Cable Plants

  • Telephone System

  • CATV and media distribution system

  • Large Group Multi-Media Instruction Room

  • New Library and Media Systems

The Greater Amsterdam School District

Amsterdam, NY

The greater amsterdam SD.jpg

Engineered Solutions has completed numerous projects with the Greater Amsterdam School District since 1994.  We have a strong knowledge of the buildings and a good working relationship with the facilities staff.

  • Lynch MS and Bus Garage Reconstruction (2011), Construction $6.4 Million

  • HS Reconstruction (2011), Construction $15.0 Million 

  • Barkley, Curie, McNulty Elementary Schools (2009), Construction $16.0 Million.  (3) Elementary School buildings complete HVAC system reconstruction.

  • District Wide Communication Project (2009), Construction $2.8 Million.  Interbuilding fiber, wireless and wired network and VOIP telephone.

  • District Wide Security Systems (2008), Construction $800K.  Security, video surveillance, door access and intrusion detection systems.  

  • HS Auditorium (2007), Construction $3.3 Million.  HVAC System replacement, auditorium and theatrical systems reconstruction.

  • HS Science Wing (2007), Construction $2.0 Million.  Area reconfiguration with all new lab equipment, HVAC and safety systems

  • HS Cafeteria/Kitchen Alterations (2005), Construction $3.1 Million.  A complete gut renovation of existing shop area into new kitchen and cafeteria.  Design elements included new gas, domestic water and drainage design for the new kitchen, electrical power distribution and system design, and complete kitchen and cafeteria ventilation design.  We worked closely with many other consultants to coordinate the installation of multiple systems and services in limited existing space.  

  • 1996-1998 - District-wide cabling and networking ($2.3 Million.  

Enlarged City School District of Troy

Troy, NY

Troy High School.jpg

High School HVAC Reconstruction - Construction $9 Million, Completed November 2019

  • Conversion of HS from Steam to Hot Water

  • New Chilled Water Cooling Plant

  • New Ventilation Systems

District Wide Technology Upgrade

  • District wide technology infrastructure upgrades similar to recent Doyle Middle School installations, including security, door access, voice, communications cabling, smart classroom technology, Cisco TelePresence MX800 Installations, etc.  (2016) Construction $7 Million

Doyle Middle School

  • Engineered Solutions performed full plumbing, mechanical, electrical and technology systems design for $54 Million renovation of the Doyle Middle School in Troy, NY.

  • The design included a four pipe hot water/chilled water HVAC system with a new chilled water plant.  Variable air volume, heat recovery, variable speed pumping, and direct digital controls were designed to achieve a high level of energy efficiency.  This system was responsible for the district to receive tens of thousands of dollars in grants from NYSERDA.

  • Energy efficient lighting, a standby generator system, a new electrical service, new fire alarm, new public address system, and completely new power distribution infrastructure was also incorporated in our design.  New plumbing systems were designed for the entire facility, including a new pool filtration system.  State of the art communications technology, IP phone, and IP security systems infrastructure was also designed by our office for this project.  

High School & Athletic Fields

  • Complete renovation of school athletic facilities including locker rooms, athletic fields and gymnasium.  Construction 2012.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District

Burnt Hills, NY

  • Additions & Alterations Phase 3 (2017) - O'Rourke Middle School. Stevens Elementary and Bus Garage.  Construction $18.8 Million

  • Additions & Alterations Phase 2 (2017) - High School, Charlton Heights Elementary and Pashley Elementary.  Construction $1.2 Million

  • Additions & Reconstruction to District Buildings Phase 1 (2015), Estimated Construction $4.3 Million.  Parking lot lighting, power and lighting to multi-purpose field and storage building, rerouting of primary service and main office reconstruction.  

  • Energy Conservation (2009) - Construction $222 Thousand.  Bus was reclaim system.  

  • Pashley & Stevens Elementary School (2008) - Construction $1.4 Million.  Complete plumbing and HVAC system reconstruction. 

  • HS Additions & Reconstruction (2007) - Construction $5.3 Million.  Complete heating system hot water conversion & boiler system replacement.

  • HS Pool Filter Replacement (2007), Renovation of six-lane swimming pool systems including main drains, deck drains, all new filter water supply piping, a gutter return piping system below pool deck and through pipe tunnels, new filtered water pool supply inlets around interior of pool, new pool gutter drains around pool, new high rate sand filter, pool pumps, gas fired pool heater, new pool piping in filter room, new filter room ventilation system, power and lighting.  

  • MS Additions/Reconstruction (2006) Construction $6.9 Million Library & stage addition, kitchen reconstruction & boiler system replacement. 

  • HS Fire Alarm System Replacement (2005) Construction $187K

  • District-Wide Communication (2000) - Construction $5.9 Million.  All buildings microwave links, WAN routers, new telephone systems.  

Geneseo Central School District

Geneseo, NY

  • Additions & Alterations Phase 3 (2017) - O'Rourke Middle School, Stevens Elementary and Bus Garage.  Construction $18.8 Million.

  • Reconstruction of Elementary Offices for Classrooms (2013).  Mechanical and electrical design for offices reconstruction work. 

  • Auditorium (2012), Construction $695 Thousand.  Plumbing and electrical alteration work for reconstruction of auditorium and miscellaneous building spaces.  

  • Upgrades to pool, main office, various other areas of the High School, Middle School and elementary school (2011), Construction $5.1 Million.  

  • Art/Technology Wing Reconstruction (2009), Construction $253 Thousand.

  • Additions & Reconstruction (2006), Construction $8.3 Million.  Replace original multizone DX rooftop units with hot water distribution unit vents and air handling equipment.  New 350 ton chiller plant and chilled water piping cooling system.  New DDC Controls, fire alarm and public address system replacements were designed for the entire facility as part of this project.  

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