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K-12 Client List

Scotia_Glenville Central School District

Scotia, NY

Scotia-Glenvill CSD.jpg

South Colonie Central School District

Albany, NY

South Colonie.jpg

Engineered Solutions has completed numerous projects with the Scotia-Glenville Central School District since 2005, as well as performing quinquennial NYSED Building Conditions Surveys.  We have a strong knowledge of the buildings and a good working relationship with the districts facilities staff.  

  • Phase 2 Alterations/Reconstruction - Construction $10.2 Million:

    • Replacement of Middle School HVAC System.​

    • Upgrade to Glendaal heating system

    • District-Wide fire alarm system upgrade

  • District Wide Reconstruction Work

    • Conversion of entire High School to hot water heating system​

    • Replacement of lighting systems

  • Security System Project - District-Wide replacements of the existing camera systems in all buildings with new I surveillance cameras.  This will greatly improve surveillance coverage in all buildings as well as image quality.  Systems will be on the districts internal network for viewing both from within the district or remotely with proper access rights.  

  • Glendaal Accident Repair.

  • Performance Contract - New boilers, burners, miscellaneous controls upgrades, and lighting fixture upgrades throughout the district. District-Wide Carbon Monoxide Detectors Project. 

  • High School Electric Service Upgrades and Security project.  

  • Energy Performance Contract - New unit ventilators and controls, domestic hot water replacements, stem trap rebuild/replacement, radiant heating systems, lighting system upgrades and controls, at various district buildings and new solar photovoltaic system at the High School.  

  • Lighting Upgrades at the High School Library

  • Boiler Replacement Project at District Administration Building

  • Glendaal School - Proposed septic system improvements for Owner's use.  

  • Additions and Alterations at Multiple District Buildings 2018

  • District Wide Technology 2018

  • Veeder Elementary Electric Service 2017

  • Roessleville Elementary Boiler Room 2016

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction Various Buildings (2007) - Construction $4.2 Million 

  • District Wide Alterations & Reconstruction (2006) - Construction $16.5 Million.  Heating system conversions & replacements, HVAC equipment upgrade, HS service entrance & MDP replacement, lighting system and fire alarm reconstruction.  

North Colonie Central School District

Latham, NY

North Colonie.jpeg
  • Capital Improvement Project 2017-18

  • 2017 Capital Project Phase 1 - Additions, Alterations and Site Work at Multiple Elementary Schools

  • 2017 Capital Project Phase 2 - Additions, Alterations and Site Work at Multiple Elementary Schools

  • Smart bond Project 2016

  • Goodrich Building Alterations

Revere Public Schools

Revere, MA

Revere Public School.jpg
  • Abraham Lincoln School Boiler Replacement Design (2009).  Replacement of existing boiler plant with (3) new high efficiency boilers, primary and secondary piping system and controls.  

Yonkers Public Schools

Yonkers, NY

  • Reconstruction Various Buildings (2010)  - Estimated $7.4 Million.  Emerson High School, Family School 32 and Robert C Dodson School 

  • Energy Performance Contract (2010) - Estimated $8.1 Million.  Energy efficiency design at Montessori School 27, Enrico Fermi School, Robert C Dodson School, Roosevelt High School and Saunders Trades & Technical High School

  • Pearls Hawthorne Reconstruction (2009) - Construction $8.9 Million.  HVAC and Electrical upgrades.  

Lowville Academy & Central School District

Lowville, NY

  • Miscellaneous Reconstruction Phase 2 (2010) Construction $18.2 Million.

  • Sports Field Complex:  Completed MEP design of new sports field complex in coordination with Appel Osborne and Mosaic Associates.  

    • Design included new sports field lighting, tennis court lighting, and scoreboards. ​

    • Special design features included digital control of sports field lights through DDC control system, and satellite monitoring of lighting systems.  

    • Completed Fall 2010

  • High School Pool Renovation Project (2009).  Pool Data:  Six lane 109, 769 gallon swimming pool. 

    • Design included new deck drains, sanitary piping perlite type pool filterm pol pumps, pool piping, surge tank modulating level control valve, emergency pool main drain shutoff valve, automatic chemical feed system, pool filter room ventilation system, power and lighting.  ​

  • Boiler controls (2008) - Construction $153K

Schenectady City School District 

Schenectady, NY

Schenectady CSD.png
  • Group C - Hamilton, Pleasant Valley and Yates Elementary Schools, MEP Construction $8.4 Million

  • Group B - MLK and Woodlawn Elementary Schools, MEP Construction $8.1 Million

  • Group A - Schenectady High School, Paige, Van Corlaer, Lincoln, and Zoller Elementary Schools, Construction $5.7 Million. 

  • Howetown Health Suite at Schenectady high School 2017

  • Howetown Health Suite at Mont Pleasant Middle School 2017

  • Howe Elementary Additions & Alterations 2017

  • Van Corlaer Elementary Reconstruction & Alterations 2017

  • Oneida Middle School Rehabilitation 2017

  • Mont Pleasant Middle School Reconstruction & Alteration 2017

  • Pleasant Valley Elementary Boiler Replacement & Alterations 2015

  • Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy - Boiler Reconstruction 2015

  • Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy - Exit & Emergency Lighting 2015

  • Keane Elementary School Boiler Replacement 2014

Northern Adirondack Central School District

Ellenburg Depot, NY

Norther adirondack.jpg
  • Jr./Sr. High School, Middle School and Bus Garage Reconstruction Completed 2006 - Construction $1.2 Million.  Energy performance contract including cogeneration equipment, lighting upgrades, etc.  

Mechanicville City School District

Mechanicville, NY

Mechanicville CSD.jpg
  • High School / Middle School Reconstruction Completed 2006 - Construction $1.5 Million.  Energy performance contract including cogeneration equipment, lighting upgrades, etc.  

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